Monday, 12 December 2011

Spread The Word 5

In preperation for the final session we were asked to prepare a pitch to share with everyone.

Pitch Questions
List the characters and say a little about them.
An outline of the story and plot
Themes of the play?
What is the play about?
Why do you want to write it?
Why is it important to write this play now?
What do you want your audience to take from it?

In the session though we paired up and pitched our ideas to our partner, we were then asked to query the pitch by exploring;
whether character or plot led the idea,
was there a lesser developed area of the idea,
ask 3 questions to clarify the idea,

Then we had to explain each other's idea which is an interesting process because it ends up drawing the idea into sharper focus. Listening back to my idea being explained by someone else provides a filter that seemed to define my idea and sharpen it back to me so that I could see flaws and also highlights. It goes without saying that we should explain our ideas to people to test them but also worth thinking about explaining your idea to one person then asking them to explain it to someone else. It's all well and good listening to someone say what they liked and didn't liked but in repeating the pitch back you will hear what excites them about the idea and what they leave out because it didn't catch their imagination. In fact I think my friends are likely to find that it becomes a new after dinner game at my house.

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