Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Almost the end of June

It's almost the end of June. I've set myself a target of the end of this month to finish at least 30 minutes and the first draft of the one page synopsis.
I'm happy with my first 10 minutes but I'm going to keep going back to it until I make myself unhappy and then get myself back to happy again.
The problem is the one page synopsis. I'm rubbish at summarising projects. Ask me to write a full series bible and I'd be laughing but ask me to pitch the idea in one page and I just stare at a blank screen and force out a sentence every now and again. Then delete the sentence.
I keep reading and re-reading anything I can find on how to do it but still all I get is a blank screen.
I have lots to say about it, I've been developing it for about two months now, but summarise it in one page?

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