Thursday, 4 February 2010

"New" Welsh Writer!

I went along to the BBC Writersoom/National Theatre Wales surgery and masterclass in Cardiff on 26th January. It was a great day with lots of valuable information being shared, though it was rather daunting to be in a room with about 250 people who all want to be New Writers in Wales.
It was a great to see a few faces I recognised from Ty Newydd courses , as well as a few people I hadn’t seen for some time like Lotty, though I am still in shock about the TV screens on buses In Cardiff. We don’t have those in Aberystwyth!

At the event the call for New Welsh Writers was launched .
So requirements are a completed script (any medium) and a 2 page pitch (any medium). The deadline is fast approaching but timing wise it’s not too bad, certainly it could be worse. My radio play, Pass The Parcel is at least completed though it does need a good deal of work yet.

Putting together a pitch is also not too bad as I’ve spent the last two months outlining several ideas with a view to getting spec scripts completed which means I don’t have to come up with an idea from scratch, outline the story, then work on a pitch. The problem is which to choose? I am submitting a radio script as a sample so it seems to make sense to submit a radio play (that leaves me with a choice between Fault-Lines and Second Person). I could also submit Book of Lost Causes, as the pilot episode has been outlined however this is the idea I wanted to submit for the Red Planet TV Scriptwriting Competition. The piece for performance Dirty Talk is in far too early a stage of development to submit and beside I’d like to workshop some of the ideas for that first. I need to make a decision, and fast.

But not quite yet, I still have a whole weekend! In the mean time I can focus on getting a few more drafts of Pass The Parcel done.

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