Friday, 19 February 2010

Room of My Own

It's usually the "black hole" of writing for me, round about now. The time when one deadline is history and another is far away in the future. I find myself drawn to nothingness. Or rather to thinking, lots and lots of thinking. Reading, lots of reading about writing or reading other people’s scripts. Or watching, watching other people’s scripts. Then suddenly a month, or two or three, has passed and I haven’t started another project. It is just over a week since I submitted the radio play and I’ve re-watched several episodes of Six Feet Under and the entire second season of Street and read Now You’re Talking: Drama in Conversation. However I have also done more work on the idea for First/Second Person?, written a synopsis for an idea for a short film and done quite a bit of work on DTM.

This weekend I plan to draft some of DTM, as a test of the characters and ideas.

It’s amazing the difference a room of one’s own really does make.

At the age of 41 I have finally got a room of my own. A room that has my desk, my PC, my files and my books all in one place. A room with a door that closes out the world. A room in which I can sit for hours undisturbed. A room in which I can read my words out loud without having to worry that someone is going to walk past and think I’m insane. A room of my own in which I can spend many isolated hours which is a very good thing. Especially good because the reason I have a room of my own is that my lodger has moved out, which means I have less income, which means I can’t afford a social life, so I have nothing to do now other than enjoy the room of my own. I anticipate being able to complete spec scripts for short film, theatre, tv and radio, and possibly even squeeze in a feature film, by the end of 2010.

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